Anca Elena – New Music Recital


15. Dezember 2020, 18:30 pm german time

I look forward to your participation in my piano concert,

in dear Anca Elena

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Dreaming to the ancient times of Baroque, when music was made at home, in families, dreaming to Bach, when music was sometimes improvised, always new, made for people with an average education, when the musician was just a servant of music and his master, I thought to enter in that atmosphere with a „new” music recital with parfum of Christmas.

The programm is opened with eight pieces of 24 Minis by Ratko Delorko, a cycle of works in 24 keys, seeimg improvisations, with free structure and an amazing freedom of rythms and harmonies! They sound beautiful and radiant, the original score being completed by the paintings of visual artist Anne Dee.

From Andersen Suite and No Suite I will play six pieces. They will be in first audition. They bring images like the Witch of The Little Mermaid, that terrible creature giving the potion of human body / feelings to a young girl in love, or the terrible fear of Elise being damned to death by the people, or the dream of happiness of a little girl shivering outside, while far away, a carol is sung in a happy house…

The last part is more close of Christmas atmosphere through „Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus” by Olivier Messiaen, work written in 1944. It is such a brave vision of christianity, marked by the violence of the time, of the will of peace and and an amazing exoticism! Birds, the waiting of Virgin Mary of the birth of Jesus, the bells of Christmas and the joy of Holy Family in Bethlehem, the sleep of child Jesus in the arms of His Mother…

So, I invite you all to listen the sound of our time!